Anniversary & Art

Last Wednesday March 31st was my 4 yr anniversary; both my husband and I took off from work and spent the day at the beach. We had an amazing time we were both able to disconnect from our hectic schedules and enjoy our time together.

2 x 1= Dangerous with Valeria

When we got home, I found a package in the mail box. It was Granny Annie’s sketchbook yey from the 10 of 10 Project.

Her artwork is AWESOME! Can’t wait to draw in her sketchbook!

I promise I was going to post pictures of my drawing & packaging that I sent to Paul.

It's me!

Pass it On!

Handle with Love

Out of the blue Hockey game & Burgers

Last Saturday my friend Megan scooped me up and went to do some cardio together. I hadn’t seen her since her birthday. We are going to try to meet up once a week to motivate each other by doing some cardio together. OMG, she showed me her two pups.
They are soo cute!

Our friend Alex got Javier and I off the couch to join the gang to go see the Florida Panthers vs. the Rangers hockey game. We had a great time; that was my 4th hockey game ever. Too bad we lost (“we” meaning FL Panthers). Of course Alex always has to cheer for the opposing team and we all have to deal with him getting CRAZY especially if his team wins! After the game we all ended up at “Le Tub”. I’ve wanted to go there for a while but never got around to it! The place is small and fun, it’s right on the intercostal. I bet it’s gorgeous if we go when the sun is still out. The concept of the place is Tubs. They have AWESOME 16oz Burgers.

Sitting in Le Tub


My Brother & I

In the can!

The Gang

Easter Homemade Sunday

My mom, my cousin Alejandra and Giselle all got together to make HOMEMADE everything. They made four different types of pasta, the sauce and meatballs. It was Delicious! It’s soo nice to get our family and friends together especially during a holiday. I wish everyday was like that.

Letting it dry up

Mi mama

Wala = Delicious

The BIG News

Last week I had to do make a tough decision. Either I waited out the hard times with my current company and grow within a year in a half or move on to a company that is growing at the speed of light and I'll grow immensely. I officially turned in my 2 weeks notice in a resignation letter on Wednesday, April 7th. A huge opportunity crossed my path and I couldn’t let it go. I’ll be working as one of the Directors for one of the most prestigious Nursing Homes in all of South Florida and Israel. My last day at my current job is Wednesday, April 21st. Wish me luck and stay tuned because I know I will have the best stories ever from my adventures in the nursing home.

Thanks for dropping by!