I'm still alive.

WOW...I disappeared for a month in a half, but now that my life is somewhat organized again; all I have to say is that "I'm Back."  It's been an exciting and eventful last month in a half. I miss Blogging. I always think about what I want to blog about and I archive life events in my mind. But I've reached that point in which I had to find the time to empty out the hard drive. I left off with the BIG News that I resigned.


Well it's been about a 1 month in the new job, and I have to admit that I really like it. Everyone has been more than nice to me and I'm finally getting the hang of things thanks to great training and feedback. I already have a "Valeria Project" her name is Melissa (she is the sweetest girl ever).  She's been working out with me for a week now.  I love that she is determined to make a change. 

Because I have so much to share with you. I'll leave the fun stories till next time with up to date pictures. All you get tonight is just an update of my past month. 

Girls Night Out

Great Friends

OMG...Jorge the carpet doesn't match the drapes

Good Times

3D How to Train a Dragon and Ice Cream

Making a Mess
Our trip to Mexico

My sister in law got married!

Making it Official

The Jungle Couple

Mexicans know how to party the wedding was 13 hours long.

Slippers after dancing all Night Patty & Fer

Blog Project 10 of 10

2nd Drawing of 10 of 10 Blog Project

Figure Drawing Class
I'm doing a "pipi collection"

I missed the last two figure drawing classes because I've been working really plan is to get off from work a little earlier on Wednesday's so I can attend.  Here is Ily's page, she blog about our art class. You'll be able to see a picture of the model. lol

Antonio's Birthday

Coldstone Cake

They aren't just friends they are Family

Our gift!

Mothers Day

Family Beach Day

My Dads Birthday

My beautiful Family

The Yard House

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for dropping by!


Granny Annie said...

It is a long time waiting for you between posts, but you tell so many things you make it worth the wait. Now there is a bit of concern over the "pipi" drawing. For a one-eyed trouser snake, it has a very eerie appearance. Who was Ily looking at?

I'm making a wishful guess on that project 10 page and am thinking it will come to me in my book that I keep. I am certainly hopeful but if that isn't to be mine, I know whatever you do will be fantastic!

Holland said...

Good that you are back, girl. I am happy that you like your new job so much. See you soon at the model drawing !

Ily said...

Good times! I love all your photos...and you and Jorge crack me up in that carpet/drapes shot!! lol

Good to have you least here. Hope to see you next Wednesday! Get there early and we'll eat chocolate!

Doe Grozs Art said...

I just posted my artwork in your book - a mandala for you. Your book inspired me to use my watercolors (twinkling H2O's)which I haven't used in a while... hope you like it :-)

Ily said...

PS - How've you been, Chica? Miss you at the Art Center! Happy 4th!!

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