Drawing Naked People

My friends and I decided to take a figure drawing class at an open drawing studio at the Art Center on Lincoln Rd on Wednesday nights. Last night was my second time. The studio is small and cozy, and filled with different talents. Everyone uses different types of mediums such as charcoal, pen, markers, pencil, acrylics, color pencils you name it. I haven’t drawn a live model in 10 years; I have a lot of catching up to do. Last night I met another fellow blogger at the class, her name is Ily vist her blog She and a friend have been attending the open studio classes for 2 years now; they both were super friendly and very talented.

Last week I went with my friends Jorge & Lana, we were so excited to see each other and an anxious to see what our model looked liked. The model was named Kendal he had to be past his 60’s and he looked like an old captain hook…to me. I thought he was a bit boring. For the longer poses he just sat on a stool, instead of using the little stage. (Gosh, I’m making him sound like a stripper) The class monitor had mention that the following week the model was an actual model. So we were all looking forward to the next class.

Last night I went to class with Lana. Jorge wanted the scoop on the model because he couldn’t make it. Ily was kind enough to describe the model before he got there; she said he looked like Prince. I thought to myself at least Prince looks a lot better than Captain Hook. I believe this week’s model was named Alan, I did see the resemblance of Prince but with long dreadlocks.

This drawing has a little embarrassing story behind it. I was inspired by his man jewels aka pipi, and decided I was going to make a focus piece and try a new medium…blue marker. The model froze in his new 20 minute pose and the class immediately was quiet and got in the zone. I think he read my mind because he gave me a money shot. Before the 20 minutes were up…my phone suddenly rings attracting all the eyes in the room to me and last but not least to my drawing. It was my sister in law Elena on the phone; I obviously didn’t pick it up. I was a little embarrassed but I sucked it up and continued with my drawing. Then Jorge decides to text me “So is the model hot this time?” at this point I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. When the model took a break I quickly snapped a picture of my drawing and texted it to both Jorge and Elena. I wrote to Elena “drawing naked guy can’t talk” and I wrote to Jorge “What do you think? lol” They both approved!

(he had a lazy eye)

Can’t wait till next weeks class our model is going to be a heavier lady. I’ll keep you guys in touch.

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Extra Ordinary Me said...

I came by way of Ily's blog. Good choice on the focus piece! Nice.

Valeria said...

Thanks, I thought so too ;) Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to do the effort to post daily, so if you want a little spice in your life stop by my blog!



Ily said...

It was a fun night. See you next week when we sketch Vesna!!

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