Sugar High Naked Fun

What a Night? I decided to take some cupcakes last night to the art studio because the classes are being put on hold until April 28. I know Jorge and Lana love cupcakes. Who doesn’t?
I shared the sugar love with Ily, Holland, some old lady and the class monitor (he is about 87 years old). He has a hard time remembering who goes to class, he asked me twice if it was my first time and both times I replied this is my third time. The five of us (Ily, Holland, Jorge, Lana and I) were a bit delirious as we waited for Vesna to arrive.

She was running late due to the rain and we were getting sillier by the minute. Vesna walked in hyperventilating…OMG I loved it! She was Rock n’ Roll. She was rocking her jean jacket; her poor wet hair was pulled back in a pony tail with a pink barrette holding up her frizzy hair. She seemed a bit hippie, but almost all Europeans do. The Vesna I had imagined was someone totally different. She quickly took off her wet clothes and wrapped herself in a big tide dye blanket. I told the monitor we should be listening to Jimmy Hendricks or The Grateful Dead instead of 91.3 the classical radio station. Everyone laughed.

Vesna was in a rush, her body shape was odd but that is the beauty of figure drawing. We hadn’t notice the hair under her arms until she did a one minute pose with her arms up, immediately Jorge and I looked at each other and couldn’t help but laugh behind our drawings. She had natural hanging large breast, big shoulders, big back, hairy armpits, no butt, a big belly, hairy punany, and skinny  legs. 
She had a harsh face; Jorge kept complaining that whenever he drew her face it was looking like a man. I quietly whispered “don’t worry, that’s because she does look like a man.”

In one of her breaks I asked her where she was from, she said she was born in Yugoslavia, but Croatian nationality. I felt different when I was drawing her compared to all the other models. I felt as she was posing nude not because she loved it but because she needed the money. I actually thought she was very interesting to draw and can’t wait till she poses again.

I had to leave the class a little early in order to meet up with Javier and a friend of his for dinner. We went to Miss Yips it’s a Chinese restaurant. Delicious!

So it’s tradition to always finish your Fortune Cookie Fortune with the saying “in bed.” So mine read…
”We are very happy together in bed” LOVE IT!

Thanks for dropping by!



Elena said...

Best one yet!! I am so impressed with your drawings. Kinda' sad that the lady poses because she needs the money and not because she like to show off her stuff like the guy last week with the giant package.

Valeria said...

Elena: means so much that you like my blog. She was funner to draw than the Mr. Package! :)

Holland said...

I just loved that Oreo cupcake... I know, I know... I tried to resist you and your temptations... but who can say no to an Oreo cupcake? LOL

Remotography said...

Love the flower in your hair! Work it girl!

Ily said...

That Wed. night group has never been so crazy...thanks to you and those laced cupcakes! ;)

Valeria said...

Remotography: thanks girly, i bought it on

ILY: YESS...I can't wait till April 28th.


Keep it coming! Very entertaining. I love it!

Valeria said...


Granny Annie said...

I tried to comment last Thursday. It looks like it is working now. I am glad Ily sent us to your blog and I look forward to following your artistic endeavors. It was especially interesting to see the heavy model though she really doesn't look heavy anywhere but in the middle.

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