Tuesday night workout over at Brickhouse

My friends over at Brickhouse, founders of and amazing clothing line called Unbreakable have invited me to workout at their gym tonight.  Let me tell you they run a couple of different intense bootcamps in the afternoons, and everyone there was working out hard, no slacking was allowed. I love it! I definitely suggest if you live in the Miami area you should go and check them out.  I went over there to workout with Soolmaz one of the owners of the gym.  She is an NPC National Bikini competitor but hey don't let the title fool you, this girl can lift heavier than some of the guys I know. (I won't mention any names ha ha)  We did my Back workout, but she threw in a couple of different exercises that I've never done before. Such as pull-ups with an assisted band, this was great because it allowed me to isolate,  and she also threw in a one arm cable pulldown in which I still have to work on my form but at the end I really felt it. :)  I will be paying them a visit every now and then to change up my workouts.

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