The Kreativ Blogger Award

Ily presented me with this awesome Kreativ Blogger Award, I can’t believe she choose me out of all her followers. I'm new to the blog world. Thank You ILY.

In order to accept my award I am supposed to list seven interesting things about myself and then pass on the trophy.

1. I had a maxillofacial jaw surgery in October 2006. I had an under bite, I was never self conscious about it; I had to get surgery no matter what. I was that one in a 100,000 cases that if I didn’t get surgery by the age of 27 I could of gotten a lazy eye or a lazy lip due to not using proper nerves.

2. I’ve gone skydiving but I’m afraid of heights, the older I get the worst it’s getting, I avoid driving in the HOV lane on I-95 because it leads into a bridge in the golden glades exchange.

3. I’m a PC not a MAC, my house has more than 5 MAC computers (and it's just me and my hubby) but I stick to my PC...HP notebook my hubby gave me. I just love the easy filling structure.

4. I’m addicted to Burgers & Cupcakes & Coffee. Honestly, I’m a fat kid at heart. If I’m having a bad day I can fix it by just having a burger, cupcake or delicious hot coffee. My cousin made me burger cupcakes for my birthday!

5. My friends on Facebook know but the blogger world doesn’t know that I’m a NPC National Figure competitor, I just started last year I lost 42lbs in the process, I won my first two competitions and I qualified for Nationals, which I placed 10th.

6. I have little hands, I noticed in high school that my hands were small compare to my stature (LOL) When I was a freshmen in college I was supposed to introduce myself to the swim team and you were suppose to say an interesting fact about yourself so the others will learn your name quicker and I made the mistake of saying that I have small hands...till this day when I go to the alumni meet they still make me say it!

7. I’m the office manager at an international architecture and interior design firm an only 2 employees know that I was an artist or that I’m creative.

Now I'd like to pass the award on to Elena, Contenti Cupcakes, Lou Carv.

Thanks for dropping by!



o2madness said...

I never thought that having a brand new 27inch Imac wouldn't be nice enough but I guess it makes your hands to look a bit smaller LOL

Extra Ordinary Me said...

Wow... nice bod! And those cupcakes look yummy. :-)

Valeria said...

Thanks, omg my cousin makes the best cupcakes, delicious. Check her out at:

LL Cool Joe said...

What a great list and blog! I'm a massive Mac fan, I just can't get my head around pc's!

Valeria said...

LL Cool Joel: I'm glad you like it, i'm new to the blog world and now Addicted! Thanks for following!

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