Family & Friends Weekend

This weekend was eventful. Friday I helped setup for my best friend’s baby shower which was on Saturday. I helped prep all the food with her sisters and her cousin. The baby shower was a great success, everything looked so beautiful. Karina’s sister Nilza is super creative, artistic and vey organized; she focuses on all the small details making everything perfect (OCD runs in their family). 

I got extremely sick on Saturday due to all the cheese I ate the night before…food prepping (LOL). My body couldn’t take the overload; I hadn’t eaten cheese in over a year. I sucked it up in the morning and finished all my duties in the baby shower as the game organizer. Later that night when I got home I went straight to bed my fever was off the charts.

Finally my mom has learned to text message! She had texted me throughout the night that she was hosting Family Sunday Breakfast at her house and that my cousin Alejandra and her kids were going to join us. I woke up with a slight headache but I was doing much better. I love our Family Sunday Breakfast tradition it brings our family together weekly. My parents usually host it because they have a big house and we all fit with no problems, we rarely change whose house we do at.

Breakfast MUST: Argentinean pastries aka Facturas, Italian espresso coffee aka café con leche, toast with jam, cut fruit   Extras: Alejandra’s granola parfait, scrambled eggs

This weeks family updates: my parents are creating group classes at their personal training gym, Elena swam like a champ; she’s been training for this summer upcoming triathlons, Javo got and electrician to install our dining room chandelier and the extractors for our bathrooms, Alejandra’s cupcake business "Contenti Cupcakes" is ramping up, Dali had her second audition for new world school of the arts for Theatre, and my brother directed his first music video in which the unedited parts we saw were amazing, I can only imagine the final music video

After our family gathering we headed to my best friends family Sunday gathering at their new home. Antonio and Karina are finally moved in; I helped her sister Nilza build her entire baby room furniture and sort through all the gifts that they gave her at the baby shower. I can honestly say I can build any baby room…bring on the challenge. Her furniture is to die for; it’s all from Pottery Barn. The boys cooked the first meal in the new home: Argentinean parrillada mmm it was so good.

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