10 of 10 & Cupcakes

Yesterday was the first mailing for the 10 of 10 Project (10 bloggers, 10 sketchbooks, 10 art be completed in the 10th month of 2010).

The project was initiated by Ily . She managed to get 10 artistic bloggers together to buy/draw/and send out a sketchbook to another artistic blogger in line. Each blogger will add their art to the sketchbook and send it on to the next blogger until each blogger receives their own sketchbook back filled with all the art work from the other 9 bloggers.

I have to send my sketchbook as well as all the other sketchbooks to Paul and I receive all the sketchbook from Annie. I would hate to ruin the surprise for Paul of what art my page and the packaging looks like.

I’ll give you guys a sneak peak of the cover.

I will post the pictures after I know Paul got my book, and I will post pictures as I receive the other sketchbooks.

Lunch with "The Cupcake Diva" & Stephanie

Danielle aka The Cupcake Diva” invited me and Stephanie out to lunch to the Bistro inside Nordstroms.

We had a great time!

The way I met Danielle: Stephanie was always bragging about her friend “The Cupcake Diva” that makes delicious cupcakes, I didn’t believe her up until she bought me a batch and gave it to me after competing at Nationals (in which I was cupcake deprived for months). The only words that came out of my mouth when I bit into one of her cupcakes were “WOW these are soo GOOD”.

Eating my first Cupcake Diva cupcake

Yesterday’s lunch was the first time I actually got to hangout and got to know Danielle better. She is awesome, crazy, funny, creative and loud just like me. (LOVE IT) Of coarse Danielle brought a little treat for us, they weren’t cupcakes they were “Mini Divas”. All I have to say is that they were sooo YUMMY; she put together a little box with 3 different flavors.

My special box filled with Mini Divas
To DIE for: Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie cup!

The first one was a cookie cup with chocolate peanut butter. Taste Test: AMAZING, out of control (she also gets brownie points because I LOVE peanut butter) The second one was a little a lemon coconut cup cookie cup. Taste Test: yummy, because I’m a lemon freak I would make the lemon part a little stronger. The third was a turtle chocolate caramel pecan cookie cup. Taste Test: smooth, nice taste like a chocolate treat.

I could eat them all
Steph's present for the DIVA
That's right people she is officially now "The DIVALICIOUS"

We had a great time and are planning our next lunch date!

Thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

AAAHH!!! Those are just ridiculously delicious looking!!!

Ily said...

OMG, let's bring those mini cupcakes to class next time! I love peanutbutter as much as you do, and I'll help pay.

PS - Can't wait to get my book from Paul! :)

Holland said...

Great sneak preview !
Last time you offered me a cupcake I tried to resist.... next time.... NO WAY!!! After seeing all these beautiful cupcakes and how you take a bite. How could I ever resist?

Valeria said...

Wikedcats: Order some

Ily: will do, i'll bring a little box. I can't wait to get my first book!

Holland: I can NEVER resist! :)

Shionge said...

Whoa!!! I am drooling here Val :) Heavenly I must say oh gonna check that out.

Granny Annie said...

Those cupcakes look like some pretty nice works of art. Maybe you could smash some between the pages of your notebook? Can't wait to start having our art work show up here.

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