Mexicans in Miami

My husband’s friend Omar, is in town with his girlfriend from Mexico. He came to Miami not only to see his friend but to also compete. He races remote control cars. You might laugh, just like I did but the truth is this sport is serious and expensive. I went on Sunday to the Homestead Speedway Track to see Omar compete in the World Championship Finals. People from all over the world came to Homestead to compete. Omar came with 18 other people from Mexico in order to compete. It seemed like miniature Nascar, the final race was 45 minutes, each car has to refuel roughly every 5 to 7 minutes depending on the engine. I got to see cars flip, cars crash, some engines giving up, oil changes, etc. It was hilarious to watch and super entertaining, I never pictured myself in that type of environment.
His car!
Omar Horta
Pimp my ride
Representing Mexico
The Drivers balcony

The Pit Stop


Zoom Zoom
Victory Hug!
2nd & 3rd Place were from Mexico
Final results: Omar got second place making him number one in Mexico that competes internationally. He also got a special trophy for having the best looking car. Later on that night I got to hangout with the whole Mexican gang, I took them to Sports Grill to eat burgers and wings!

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