Sick of being average Joe's

My cousin Alejandra and I are fed up of just being average Joe's. You see, last year we both did a complete body transformation. I was transform into a Figure competitor and she was transform into a Bikini competitor. We didn’t take a magic pill or go under the knife instead we put in the 120% hard word, the discipline, and dedication in order to both achieve our goals. We both competed in the NPC and we both won in our categories.
Alejandra 35 years old mother of 3 (Bikini category)

Me (Figure category)

The process takes an average of 3 months (it really depends on your body). To the average person 3 months seems easy and attainable. But the reality is that it’s not as easy as everyone thinks. If not everyone would be doing it. We see it as a day by day challenge and sacrifice.

Alejandra’s last competition was in October and mine was in November, we are not sure if we will ever compete again. “Never say Never” But what we are sure of is that we are done being average Joe's, we want to be fit and maintain a fit look all year round. Our transformations started on Monday, March 15, 2010. I promise to keep you posted on our journey to reaching our goal.
After yesterday's intense workout! (March 16)

Happy St. Patricks Day

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Ily said...

Now we know who our next live figure model will be! lol

Seriously, congratulations on making it happen! You both look fantastic!

Shionge said...

Whoa!!! Great job and I can feel the sheer determination and vibes there Val and you go GALS!!!!

I'll have to stick to my workout now.....thank you!!

Holland said...

Congrats, it must have been great to compete and win after all the hard work. Great blog!

Valeria said...

Ily: yeah right, maybe with a bikini on. LOL Thanks

Shionge: Yes stick to your workout and eating clean and you will see results!

Holland: Yes, it was a really GREAT feeling. Thanks!

Thanks ladies just write to me whenever you need motivation, i make sure to do everything that i can to motivate you and get you back on track!

LL Cool Joe said...

Who you calling average!! :D

Well done to both of you. I love muscles on any gender. Keep up the good work!

Valeria said...

LL Cool Joe....i'm sorry about calling everyone average including myself...LOL

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