My husband “The Spontaneous”

I’m a planner; I always have a million plans in my brain. My brain is my agenda; I always tend to say YES to everything. Have you ever seen the movie Yes Man? Well, I’m that person. This is a good and bad thing, because sometimes I can’t do everything I say yes to. Whenever I have a plan I do research. For example, our dog China is a boxer, and boxers love to dig holes in the back yard. So our new homes back yard is covered of holes that China has dug up. We did our research and found out that if you put a sandbox in your yard she will eventually love her play area and just dig holes in the sand box and won’t destroy the yard. Javier and I have talked about it but never got around to how we were going to build it and when we were going to put it in. I like things a certain way and I always want to know the outcome. Well last night when I got back from the gym I see Javo in the back yard. He had bought everything in order to build China’s sandbox. My immediate reaction…I got nervous. I was nervous because we never talked about how it was going to look like and where we were going to place it in the back yard, but I took a deep breathe and let him do it. After all he had the initiative to go out of his way on a Wednesday night after a long day at work to go and buy everything. He was spontaneous.

Success: China...Loves it!
We are going to cover all the holes China has dug and we are putting in new grass. YEY

Today I was going to run a couple of errands during my lunch time, but as I got in my car Javier calls and asks me if I wanted to meet up with him for lunch. Of course I did, I barely ever get to eat lunch with him. I couldn’t pass it up. We went to get a healthy bite to eat and then we craved some espresso. I suggested we get coffee at a local Cuban little window known as “la ventanita”, but he insisted to have coffee at a French restaurant called Caffe Pastis. It was a great idea, I’ve been there for lunch once but I sat outside. I never had gone inside. The place is tiny but super cozy, it really gives you the feeling that you are in France having coffee. We ordered our café au lait along with a tarte tatin and my favorite crème brulèe. We barely shared our desserts…lol It was absolutely delicious, I didn’t want to leave, everyone that worked there was French. Again my husband “The Spontaneous

Tarte Tatin
Crème Brulèe
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China is so cute; and I definitely have to try Caffe nearby and I've never heard of it or seen it. Thanks for sharing! <3 u!

Ily said...

China is so cute. Love the sandbox!

Btw, Caffe Pastis is now on my bucket list. :)

Holland said...

What a great idea to put a sandbox in the backyard.
I have to check out pastis one of these days. Sounds like a great place.

Valeria said...

China is my baby girl...the sandbox is working out woo whooo!
You girls have to either get together with your girl friends or go on a romantic date to Pastis. :)

Anonymous said...

China! She looks like she's going to have fun in that sandbox.

LL Cool Joe said...

I LOVE crème brulèe! Just one of my favourite desserts ever!

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