The Weekend

Last week was a great week! My parents had a little company gathering on Thursday. And obviously that includes family and great friends.  My dad does a crazy Parrillada.

On Friday I saw the movie Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3D I thought it was incredible “off with their heads” LOL.

 My best friend finally gave birth to Antonella on Friday at 2:40 pm. I went to visit her at the hospital with Javier; she is so precious. Karina’s put to use her maternal instincts right away. I think at one point Javo glanced over at me and gave me the “let’s make a baby look”.

Later that day I went to a co-workers baby shower. It’s was nice to have a ladies afternoon.


Saturday night was all about Javier and I we just hung out and bonded at home with China. We watched a Netflix movie and ordered a pizza. I love those types of nights. On Sunday we cleaned the house and went to go play paintball for my friend Megan’s Birthday. It was my second time ever playing; I had a lot of fun. We invited our friend Adien to come along with us, he had never played before. It was a great group; her friends were a lot of fun!

Javo and I after paintball

Later that night my brother was having a party for his birthday at my parent’s house. We got there a little late, but hey better late than never. We were still able to say hi to a couple of his friends, but most importantly we were able to hang out with my brother Andres. As the night got colder he made a bon fire where we all sat around and melted marshmallows. I call them “Marshies” They were yummy.

We played a couple of rounds of dominos with my good friends. Jessica, Sharif, Melina, Jennifer and Rinaldo.
Andres Making the Marshies

Yesterday Monday was my brother’s actual birthday and we had a little gathering at my parent’s house, what we like to call “para soplar las velitas” to blow out the candles. Obviously just buying a cake will never fly with my mom. So she went to buy a paella with maduros from her favorite Spanish restaurant. We had a great time just the family and 3 great friends. In which I consider David and Alex both Family.

Crazy: Family & Friends
Alex & David= Family
This morning I made myself a fast and healthy scrambled egg breakfast.

Healthy Scrambled Eggs

¼ of an orange pepper (diced)
2 slices red onions (chopped)
5 egg whites
1 whole egg
1 oz. low sodium turkey
A pinch of Black pepper
2 slices of tomatoes (sliced)
1 tsp. Olive Oil

Heat the Olive Oil over medium heat and sauté the orange pepper, red onion and turkey. Then add all the eggs with the black pepper. Once the eggs are more than half way cooked add the tomatoes. Finish cooking the eggs and serve. Wala Enjoy!

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